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The "number one way" we impact these precious lives is through donations from our supporters!

Even with the relentless love of the founders and their tireless team of volunteers, the change that these ambitious projects bring to the lives of these kids can't happen without the donations of supporters who want to make a difference.


It is important to know that 100% of our donations go directly to these fantastic kiddos and their rock star families. None of the donation funds go to running the Healing Hunter Foundation, those resources come directly from our amazing sponsors.


If you want to help keep this life-renewing support going and help it to spread to even more states, please consider donating to our efforts and help us to continue to spread valuable support and love!

Your donations help make this possible.

Donations to the Healing Hunter Foundation are not wasted on operational expenses and costs to the foundation. These gifts of love go directly to the gifts and materials that reach these children and their families. The more donations are received, the more aid and love goes out to more in need. We adore our sponsors and thank them for helping us make a difference in these lives on a regular basis.


The following link will take you to our Healing Hunter Foundation PayPal site. You have the option to specify an amount and whether it is a one time donation or a reoccurring donation. Your donations and support helps so many and we can never thank you enough!

"You guys are truly amazing! Every time I look at the bag my daughter got last year I'm reminded of how much joy it brought us! Forever grateful!"


– Denysha Cross

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