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What does it mean to be a Sponsor?

You have the real opportunity to supply gifts, project support, and positive energy to children facing cancer and their amazing families. Additionally, you help the Foundation to grow and reach even more children and families affected by these diseases.

Sponsors of the Foundation provide the means to both facilitate and grow our projects and reach in two fundamental ways:

  1. Through large project item or fund donations. 100% of proceeds go directly to the children and families we support.

  2. Provide support funds and resources to help the foundation operate especially for the purchasing, creation, distribution, and shipping of items for the children and families we support. 100% of proceeds go to facilitating these gifts and projects.

To make these projects a reality takes significant amounts of time, effort, and resources that involve locating, purchasing, storing, organizing, wrapping, transforming, distributing and shipping gifts, packages, and decorations to children in need, their families, and the organizations we work with. In addition, there are countless hours of networking, soliciting, recruiting, organizing, planning and promoting these projects to keep these families fight in the spotlight of society and give them the attention they deserve. 


If you want to help keep this life-renewing support going and help it to spread to even more places across the nation, please consider becoming a Sponsor and support our efforts so we can continue to bring valuable support and love to those in dire need!

Chaz Dean delivers iPad love to CHLA with Healing Hunter Foundation

Chaz Dean delivers iPad love for Hunter's iPad Birthday Bash to children in the oncology unit at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


Paul Stanley (guitarist, singer, and song writer) of Kiss and his lovely wife Erin Sutton, have been key sponsors to the Healing Hunter Foundation donating special band memorabilia to auctions in addition to financial support for projects like Hunter's iPad Birthday Bash.

Chaz Dean has been one of the longest key sponsors for the Foundation, giving generously to projects and supporting the growth of the foundation by sponsoring the LIVE to LOVE trailer. He's also been an ambassador for the Foundation delivering support to children at CHLA.

Fred Meyers has worked tirelessly with the Healing Hunter Foundation to supply items, like iPads, in bulk at heavily discounted prices so these amazing items could go to more children fighting cancer. In addition, they've donated many on behalf of the company as well.

Nick, with Experience Marketing, has generously donated large quantities of iPads for Hunter's iPad Birthday Bash. These contributions over the last few years have tremendously helped the spread of support to hospitals across the nation and to reach more kids fighting cancer.

The Portland Fire Department has given resources, time, and personnel to our cause. These brave Fire Fighters have helped transform hospital wings into winter wonderlands. Their support helps make so many events possible.

The Scholl's Women's Club has donated countless times to so many projects. They often help plan, coordinate, and volunteer on projects. They have donated generously and provided so many resources and supplies to make each of these projects special and successful. 

Sponsors who regularly donate time, funds, and resources to the success of the Foundation.

These sponsors regularly donate funds, items (like iPads), or resources to the Healing Hunter Foundation and our life touching projects. We thank them for their support and for helping us reach so many amazing children and their wonderful families in such time of need.


Help spread the joy, become a Sponsor today!

The number one way we impact these precious lives is through donations from our sponsors! Sponsors can make a one time donation or donate regularly on a monthly or annual basis. They can specify wether they want the entire donation to go to a project or if they want to support the workings of the foundation. The form below lets the Healing Hunter Foundation know the type of Sponsor you want to become and the size of the sponsorship amount. Once received you will receive a corresponding email with a link to make a direct and secure donation. In addition, this will generate a receipt via email for tax purposes.

We thank you in advance for your support of this foundation!

Healing Hunter Foundation iPod Bday 5340

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