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$40 Donation

$40 Donation


This cool little corduroy bag will help them keep track of their mask, hand sanitizer, and will also arm them with a few antibacterial wipes when needed. This kit also includes a touchless tool that will keep them from putting their little fingers on things they'd rather not touch. They can toss it in their travel vehicle, pack it in their bags, or stuff it in a tote. Wherever they are going, they are ready-to-go! Comes with a sweet little note card that lets them know you were thinking about them!


    • (1) Corduroy Pouch
    • (4) Disposable Masks
    • (1) 2oz. bottle of Hand Sanitizer
    • (8) Antibacterial Travel Wipes
    • (1) Crest Breath Drops
    • (1) Touchless Tool
  • COLOR:




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