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In a huge effort to keep kiddos fighting cancer safe while in treatment, especially during COVID and Flu season, we've created these kits to help the kiddos and their families keep everything in one place that will help them fight some serious germs. 


During and in between treatments their bodies experience an incredible amount of distress and their immune systems are being rocked to no end.  A common cold, let alone COVID or the Flu, can really do some serious damage to their severely compromised systems.  These kits are designed to help parents and kiddos keep the essentials close and ready to use and travel whenever they need to be aware of germs as they are coming and going to and from the hospital or home. 


It can be worn across their shoulder, placed on a table, strapped in the car, hooked to a stroller, thrown into another tote, they can always have their essentials on hand and ready to use when they need them most.  


We've designed these kits with some very amazing assistance from TAH Life, whose bags are stylish, functional and extremely well made.  These bags will get used a great bit and can completely withstand the daily and constant use, and will especially last for those that are in treatment for months or sometimes years at a time.


  • 2oz. Bottle of Trader Joe's Hand Sanitizer inside front magnetic pocket for easy access.

  • Handcrafted Reusable Cloth Mask with filter pocket and washable laundry bag from TAH Life. Mask goes in an accessible pocket, keeping it separate from everything else.  

  • Contactless Touch-Tool is ready to use at the teller, credit card machines, and to assist opening doors with handles, so fingers do not have to touch any contaminated surfaces.

  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes for cleansing surfaces, wiping down phones, interiors of cars, or any other surface that regularly touched and might harbor germs. 

  • 2-Pair of Latex Gloves (disposable) if needed to pump gas, go into certain stores or use in public restrooms.

  • Tiny Trash Sacks, for used wipes and gloves.

  • All Natural Chapstick by Naturistick since lips tend to get dry taking masks on and off all day.

  • Travel Size Hand Lotion since hands can get dry from the constant sanitizing and hand washing. 

  • Peppermint Breath Drops from Crest, because everyone loves a fresh scent when breathing in their own breath all day!

  • Personal Pen for use at the grocery store, bank teller, pharmacy or anywhere else to avoid publicly used pens.  

  • A Digital Thermometer to check for fevers, which is a constant never-ending task while battling childhood cancer.  

  • This bag is extremely well made of materials that can easily be wiped down and disinfected regularly.

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